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Words starting with K

Words that start with K

Kevin the king of kangaroos kept koalas in Kentucky.

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Kis forKohl

Kohl is a dark powder that is used to make your eyelids darker.

Kis forKohlrabi

Kohlrabi is a kind of cabbage that looks a bit like a turnip. Kohlrabi can be green or purple and has a mild flavor.
Photo of koi

Kis forKoi

Koi are a kind of ornamental carp. They are kept for their pretty colors. Koi get quite large when they grow older, especially if they are kept in a large enough pond.
Photo of a komodo dragon
Scientific name: varanus komodoensis
Komodo dragons are the largest species of lizard. They are a type of monitor, like the goanna. Komodo dragons grow to 2-3 metres long and can weigh up to 70kg. They live only on a string of islands in Indonesia, including Komodo island. They mainly eat dead animals they find, but will also hunt and kill animals. Their bite is slightly venomous and can be extremely painful.
Photo of a kookaburra
Scientific name: dacelo novaeguineae
Kookaburras are a kind of large kingfisher native to Australia and New Guinea. Kookaburras are best known for the noise they make, which sounds like loud, human laughter. Kookaburras are found in forests, deserts, and in the suburbs of cities.
A kransky sausage.

Kis forKransky

Kransky is a type of pork sausage from Slovenia.

Kis forKrill

Scientific name: order: euphausiacea
Krill are small, shrimp-like crustaceans that live in huge numbers in the sea. They are food for a very large number of different sea creatures, including some whales. Krill are near the bottom of the food chain in the sea.