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Words starting with L

Words that start with L

Loud leopards leap from limb to limb in Louisiana.

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Lis forLush

A plant or area of vegetation is lush if it is very healthy, a vivid green, and has lots of foliage.

Lis forLust

Lust is a very strong, even uncontrolled or uncontrollable sexual desire, or a very strong craving for something. For example, "he has a lust for power".

Lis forLute

A lute is a stringed instrument, similar to a guitar but with a distinctive shape. It is most often associated with medieval times, but references to similar instruments can be found that are much older.
Photo of cut lychees

Lis forLychee

Scientific name: litchi chinensis
Lychees, also called litchi, are tropical fruit native to China. They have a very sweet, white flesh with a single large seed.
Photo of a pot of ash for making lye

Lis forLye

Lye is a corrosive, alkaline chemical. It was traditionally made from hardwood ash, and is an ingredient in soap. Modern lye is called caustic soda, or sodium hydroxide and is no longer made from ash.
Photo of a lynx

Lis forLynx

Scientific name: lynx lynx
A lynx is a medium-sized wild cat with tufts on top of its ears and a short tail. They live in forests in the mountains of Europe and Asia.
Drawing of a lyre

Lis forLyre

The lyre is an ancient stringed instrument that is played by strumming rather than plucking the strings. One hand is used to strum, the other is used to silence the strings you don't want to hear. The lyre looks a little like a small harp. if anyone has a photo of a real lyre I would be grateful if you could share it with me
Photo of a lyrebird

Lis forLyrebird

Scientific name: menura novaehollandiae or menura alberti
Lyrebirds are an Australian bird that has an amazing ability to copy any sounds it hears. Lyrebirds live on the ground and eat insects and worms. The male lyrebird has a very interesting tail that looks a little like a lyre.