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Photo of bamboo

Words that rhyme with -ooh

List of words that end with a "ooh " sound

Photo of an Aboriginal playing a didgeridoo.
A didgeridoo is a kind of wind instrument used by Australian Aboriginals. It is made from a piece of wood that has been hollowed out by termites.
Photo of someone drawing a picture.

Dis forDrew

Drew is the past tense of draw.
Photo of an emu

Eis forEmu

Scientific name: dromaius novaehollandiae
Emus are a large flightless bird that lives in Australia. It is the second-largest bird, after the ostrich. They eat insects and some plants. Emus lay very large, speckly blue eggs with hard shells. The male emu looks after the eggs and babies.

Eis forEwe

A ewe is a female sheep.

Fis forFlew

Flew is the past tense of fly. For example, "a bird flew past my window".
Photo of a virus

Fis forFlu

Flu is the shortened or slang form of influenza.
Photo of fondue

Fis forFondue

Fondue is a meal made up of a pot of melted cheese, chocolate or any other melt-able foods. You eat it by dipping pieces of fruit or bread into it.
Photo of a tube of glue

Gis forGlue

Glue is a sticky substance that can be used to hold two or more surfaces together. There are lots of different kinds of glue, for sticking different things together. There is wood glue, plastic glue, construction adhesive, and many other special kinds of glue.
Photo of a wildebeest

Gis forGnu

A gnu is another name for a wildebeest.