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Photo of stamps.

Words that rhyme with -amp

List of words that end with a "amp " sound


Cis forCamp

A camp is place where temporary shelters such as tents are set up. You might camp on your own, or a group of people might set up a camp.
Photo of a clamp

Cis forClamp

A clamp is a device that is used to hold something tightly. Clamps can be used to hold things such as two pieces of wood together so that they can be worked on without them slipping apart. You often clamp materials together after they are glued, to stop any movement before the glue has completely dried. Clamping generally means something means holding it so that it cannot move.

Cis forCramp

A cramp is a pain in one of your muscles that often happens after exercise, or are caused by low salts in your blood. Cramps can hit suddenly and can be extremely painful. The person in the picture has a cramp in their leg.

Dis forDamp

Something is damp if it is slightly wet. The rocks around the waterfall are damp, and moss is growing on them.
Photo of a lamp.

Lis forLamp

A lamp is a light that typically has a stand. Smaller lamps are usually put on small tables, and lamps with longer stands called floor lamps are put on the ground. Some lamps can be mounted to a wall. Lamps are most often seen inside, for decoration or for using as a small light source to read by.
Photo of a lava lamp
A lava lamp contains wax, water and a light which acts as heating element. As the lamp gets warm, the wax melts and starts to rise. As it rises it forms interesting shapes, which makes lava lamps fun to watch. Lava lamps come in all sorts of different colors, and the wax and water in them also come in different colors.

Ris forRamp

A ramp is a surface that is sloped to make it easy for things with wheels to get between a low place and a higher place. The ramp in the photo is for people to get in and out of a truck. Ramps are often used inside multi-storey car parks so cars can drive up to the top. Ramps are also used as well as stairs to get into a building. People can walk up stairs easily, but ramps are needed for people who are in a wheelchair, for people with prams, or for anyone who simply has trouble climbing stairs.
Photo of some stamps

Sis forStamp

A stamp is a small piece of paper that is worth money. You use stamps to pay to have letters and parcels posted. Every country has their own different stamps, and lots of different designs and pictures on all their different stamp denominations.
Photo of a tramp

Tis forTramp

A tramp is a wandering, homeless person. Many tramps are also beggars.