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Verbs that start with T

Verbs that start with T

Verbs are things you do. Action words!

Tis forTalk

Talking is making words with your mouth and tongue. When babies are born they cannot talk, and they gradually learn how to talk in the first few years of their life.

Tis forTame

An animal is tame if it is not afraid of people, and is friendly to them. Tame animals generally won't try to hurt people or run away. The opposite of tame is wild, and a similar word to tame is domesticated.

Tis forTangle

You tangle long, thin things together when you twist and entwine them around each other in a chaotic manner. Things that are tangled together are hard to get apart.
Photo of a girl tearing paper

Tis forTear

You tear something when you pull it in two different directions at the same time until it breaks in a line. When you tear paper it leaves a rough edge. Another word for tear is rip.

Tis forThresh

Threshing is a process where the edible seeds of a grain plant are separated from the inedible chaff. Generally this is done by a process of beating the grain, so the seeds detach and fall out.
Photo of a boy about to throw something

Tis forThrow

You throw something when you make it travel a long way by the way you move your arm holding something and then let go. Most people throw balls or small stones.

Tis forTickle

You tickle someone by poking them or running something like your fingers or a feather over their skin. Tickling feels funny and makes you laugh and squirm. It is almost impossible to tickle yourself. Children tend to be much more ticklish than adults. People are usually ticklish under their feet and on their ribs.
Photo of a family tilling their field
You till the ground to prepare it for planting with crops.
Photo of a horn

Tis forToot

A toot is the sound a horn makes, or anything that sounds similar to that noise.
Photo of a man tossing a boy

Tis forToss

You toss something when you throw it lightly or carelessly. Someone might toss a ball of paper at the wastepaper basket, or toss their keys to a friend. The man in the picture is tossing his son into the air.