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Words starting with Y

Words that start with Y

Young yellow yaks yodelling in Yongala.

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Photo of a young boy

Yis forYoung

Something is young if it hasn't grown up and become an adult yet. Babies and children are young. The opposite of young is old. The boy in the picture is young.

Yis forYour

Your means something belongs to you. For example, "here is your drink". It is not the same as you're.

Yis forYuck

Yuck is a sound you make when you think something is disgusting. Children often say yuck about food they don't like to eat.
Photo of a child eating yummy food

Yis forYum

Yum, or yummy, is a sound you make when you really enjoy your food. Yummy is also an adjective that children use to describe really delicious food.
Photo of a yurt

Yis forYurt

A yurt is a building made by people in Mongolia and nearby areas in central Asia. It is a round building with no central support inside, with the walls held together by tensioned rope and the walls covered by felt.