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Words starting with Y

Words that start with Y

Young yellow yaks yodelling in Yongala.

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Photo of a lizard yearning to be outside

Yis forYearn

You yearn for something when you really, really want to have it. The lizard in the picture is yearning for the freedom of being outside.

Yis forYeast

Yeast is a very tiny fungal organism. Some species of yeast are used in baking and brewing. Yeast can make bread rise and become light and fluffy, and it can be used to make some wines and beers. Yeast extract is used to make some very strongly flavoured spreads like Vegemite.
Photo of a man yelling

Yis forYell

You yell when you shout loudly. People often yell out to get someone's attention, or because they are hurt.
Photo of a yellow bird

Yis forYellow

Yellow is a very bright colour often seen on insects, fruits and flowers. It is a primary colour, which means yellow paint can be used to make other colours but you can't use any other colours to make yellow paint. The bird in the picture is yellow.
Photo of a yellowish book
Something is yellowish if it is a little bit yellow but not enough to describe it as completely yellow. Many white things become yellowed as they age, for example the pages of books.

Yis forYelp

A yelp is a short, sharp noise made by a dog, often because they have been hurt. Anyone who makes a similar sound is also said to be yelping, for example "she let out a yelp of pain".
Photo of a sign that says yes

Yis forYes

Yes is the response you make to a question or statement when you agree with it. For example, if someone asks you "do you want some icecream?" you say "yes" if you want some, and "no" if you don't.

Yis forYeti

A Yeti is a hairy, human-like creature said to live in the mountains in Nepal. Yetis are legendary creatures, but it hasn't been proven either way that they exist or are just a myth.
Photo of yew tree berries

Yis forYew

Scientific name: taxus baccata
The yew tree is a kind of conifer originally from parts of Europe, Africa, Iran and Asia. It is a small to medium, slow-growing tree, reaching around 10 to 20 metres high. The leaves and seeds of the tree are very bitter and poisonous. The yew's pine cones are unusual, being more like a berry with a single seed. The berries are eaten by some kinds of birds.
A yield sign.

Yis forYield

Yield means to wait, defer to or give preference to something. When driving, a yield sign means that the driver facing the sign must stop and wait for other cars to pass before continuing to drive.