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Photo of a baby.

List of baby needs

All the paraphanalia that you can buy when you have a baby. You can use this category as a checklist for what to buy when you are expecting a baby.

Photo of a baby
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Bis forBaby

A baby is a very young person. Babies are small and helpless, and can't walk or talk. When babies get a little bit older, they move around by crawling on their hands and knees.
Photo of a baby being bathed
A baby bath is a special, small bath just the right size for washing a small baby in. It is easier to wash a baby in a small bath on a table than in a regular bath.
Photo of a baby in a bassinet

Bis forBassinet

A bassinet (sometimes spelt bassinette) is a small bed for babies that are under a few months old. When babies are older they usually sleep in an infant bed.
Photo of a bib

Bis forBib

A bib is a garment usually worn by babies. It is worn around your neck and protects the clothes on your chest from getting dirty.
A changing table, or change table, is a small table that you change a baby's soiled diaper on. They have a padded top and raised edges to keep the baby comfortable and stop them from rolling off onto the floor. Some change tables can be converted to nursery furniture later, and have drawers underneath them.

Cis forCrib

A crib is a small bed for a baby to sleep in. Cribs usually have bars on the sides so the baby doesn't fall out and hurt themselves - and the bars also keep older babies from escaping! Cribs are also known as a cot or cradle or an infant bed.

Dis forDiaper

A diaper, also called a nappy, is a folded piece of cloth worn on the bottom of someone who can't use a toilet. Babies wear diapers before they are potty trained. Cloth nappies are usually held shut by a safety pin.
Photo of an embryo

Eis forEmbryo

An embryo is a baby creature before it is born or hatched. Embryos either grow inside their mother's uterus, or in the case of a bird or other creature that lays eggs, the embryo grows inside an egg. After 2 months, a human embryo is named a fetus.
Photo of a baby in a high chair
A high chair is a chair designed for feeding older babies in. They have a tray to put food onto, rails and straps to stop the baby falling out, and are quite tall so the baby is easy to feed by an adult without them having to bend down.
Photo of a baby with a pacifier

Pis forPacifier

A pacifier, also called a binky, dummy or soother, is something you give to babies to suck to calm them down. Modern pacifiers have a nipple-shaped part that goes into the baby's mouth, a shield to keep it in place and a handle to hold onto.