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Photo of tadpoles

Words that rhyme with -ole

List of words that end with a "ole " sound

Photo of a tree bole

Bis forBole

The trunk of a tree is also called a bole. The bole often refers to the lowest, widest part of the tree's trunk.

Bis forBowl

A bowl is a shallow vessel with an open top that you eat out of. Bowls are usually used for cereal, soups and sometimes noodles or pasta.

Cis forCamisole

A camisole is a women's undergarment that has no sleeves, thin straps and extends down to the waist. Some women wear camisoles as outerwear instead of underwear.

Cis forCharcoal

Charcoal is a soft black substance that is left after something is burnt. You can use charcoal to draw with, like in the picture. Charcoal is messy, and you have to be careful not to get black fingerprints on everything when you are working with it. Charcoal is also used as the name for a color that is very dark grey, almost black.
Photo of trains filled with coal

Cis forCoal

Coal is a type of black rock, made almost entirely of carbon. It is formed from old plant matter being squashed by the gradual movement of the earth over a very long time. Coal can be burnt, and is often used as the fuel for power plants. Coal is dug out of the ground, from coal mines. Coal is not the same as charcoal, which is just the black residue after wood is burnt.
Actor Cole Sprouse.

Cis forCole

Cole is a Greek name for boys. Cole means "victory." The man in the photo is actor Cole Sprouse.
Photo of a man flying a remote control helicopter

Cis forControl

You control something or someone when you make it do exactly what you want it to. The man in the picture is controlling a toy helicopter.
Photo of an enrollment sign

Eis forEnroll

You enroll in something when you are added to a list, or roll. Enrolling is usually used to mean signing up for some kind of course of education at a school or university.
A baby donkey is called a foal.