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Photo of a gnome.

Words that rhyme with -ome

List of words that end with a "ome " sound

Photo of a chrome grille

Cis forChrome

Scientific name: Cr
Chrome, or chromium, is a hard, very shiny metal that doesn't easily tarnish or corrode. It is most commonly used for plating things with a very thin coat of chrome to give them a decorative shiny finish.
Photo of a comb

Cis forComb

A comb is something with many fine teeth all pointing the same way. You use it to straighten your hair so it is neat and tidy.
Photo of a white dome

Dis forDome

A dome is a shape that is half a sphere. One side of a dome is flat, and is the shape of a circle. If you turn a salad bowl upside down it is dome shaped. A dome made out of shapes that doesn't have a smooth surface is a geodesic dome.

Fis forFoam

Foam is made up of a lot of small bubbles, usually found on the top of a liquid like the sea or a glass of beer. Something that is full of bubbles may also be called foam, such as the foam padding found inside seat cushions.
Photo of a geodesic dome.
A geodesic dome is a dome made up of shapes rather than a dome with a smooth surface. Geodesic domes can be made up entirely of triangles or a mix of pentagons and hexagons. The geodesic dome in the picture is closer to being a geodesic sphere.
Photo of a garden gnome.

Gis forGnome

A gnome in mythology is a small, humanoid creature that lives underground. In more common use, garden gnomes are often used to decorate people's gardens. They are small, usually made from ceramic and are generally wear red pointed hats.

His forHome

Your home is the place you live. You can also talk about your home being the place you grew up or the place you came from, as in your home town or even your home country.
Photo of loam

Lis forLoam

Loam is rich soil, suitable for growing plants in. Loam can be made from poorer soils by adding sand, clay or compost to it.
Photo of a blue house
Something is monochrome if it is made up of shades of the same color.

Ris forRome

Rome is the capital of Italy. It has a population of around 2.7 million people.