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Photo of papaya.

Words that rhyme with -yer

List of words that end with a "yer " sound

Photo of a sign that says area

Ais forArea

An area is a part of any surface. Areas are usually separated from everything around them by some kind of boundary, such as a fence or a line drawn around them on a piece of paper. Area also describes the total size of that area. Different shapes have different formula for calculating how big they are.
Photo of someone blowdrying their hair
A blowdrier, blowdryer, or hair dryer is a small electric device that blows hot air from one end. It can be pointed at your hair while it is still damp, and the warm air dries your hair. Blowdriers can also be used to make your hair into a new style.
A bricklayer is someone who builds walls out of bricks for a living.

Fis forFissure

A fissure is a relatively deep, narrow hole in something. Some fissures are natural features of things, others are caused by external damage.
Photo of Stone Mountain in Georgia
Georgia, abbreviated to GA, is a state in the south east of the United States of America. The capital of Georgia is Atlanta.
Photo of the Kenyan flag

Kis forKenya

Kenya is a country in east Africa. The capital of Kenya is Nairobi. People in Kenya speak Swahili.
Photo of lasagne

Lis forLasagne

Lasagna is an Italian dish made by layering wide, flat sheets of pasta with other ingredients. The most popular kind of lasagna has layers of meat sauce and cheese sauce between the pasta. There are many different variations.

Lis forLawyer

A lawyer is someone who argues for or against someone who has been accused of doing something bad. If they are arguing that they are innocent, they are a defence lawyer, and if they are arguing that they are guilty they are a prosecution lawyer. Lawyers specialise in all sorts of fields, like divorce, family law, constitutional law, intellectual property law and many other types of law.
Photo of a layered cake.

Lis forLayer

Something put in a thin coating over something else is a layer. Many different kinds of cakes and sweets have layers of different colors or textures on top of one of the other. A cake might have a layer of sponge, then a layer of chocolate filling, then another layer of sponge and then a layer of frosting around the outside. The cake in the photo has a lot of layers. You can also layer your clothes by wearing clothes over the top of each other to form layers.