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Photo of mushrooms.

Words that rhyme with -oom

List of words that end with a "oom " sound

Photo of a bathroom

Bis forBathroom

A bathroom is a room that generally contains a combination of a washbasin or sink, a bath and a toilet. In some countries, a bathroom always has a toilet in it, in other countries the toilet is often found in a separate room. Other items like bidets and even spa baths can also be found in bathrooms. Some luxury bathrooms include hot tubs and spas. Hot tubs and spas are designed to provide ultimate enjoyment, ease, endurance and efficiency.
Photo of a bedroom

Bis forBedroom

A bedroom is a room where you sleep. A bedroom usually has at least one bed in it, and also may have a wardrobe and dresser to keep clothes in. Children often have a desk in their bedroom too.
Photo of trees in full bloom

Bis forBloom

A bloom might be a single flower, all the flowers on a plant, or the fact that the plant is flowering. The trees in the picture are in full bloom.
Photo of a broom

Bis forBroom

A broom is a brush on the end of a long stick that is used for sweeping loose dirt off a floor. Brooms do not work very well on carpeted floors so most people use vacuum cleaners instead.
A classroom is a room in a school where students come to learn things.
Photo of two people wearing easter bunny costumes

Cis forCostume

A costume is a full set of clothes, from hairstyle to shoes, that reflects something like a period in history, a country, or a character in a show or play. The people in the picture are in Easter Bunny costumes.
Photo of a groom
A groom is a man who is about to get married. His future wife is called the bride.
Photo of legumes

Lis forLegume

A legume is a plant in the family fabaceae. Legumes grow their seeds in pods, with several seeds in a row inside the pod. They are often grown to improve the soil they are grown in. Legumes are high in protein and can be used as a meat substitute by vegetarians. Legumes include peas, beans and peanuts.
Photo of some mushrooms

Mis forMushroom

Mushrooms are a type of fungus, and are not a plant. They come in a variety of sizes and colours. Some mushrooms are edible, but others are poisonous - poisonous mushrooms are often called toadstools. The top part of a mushroom is called the cap and the stem at the bottom is called the stalk. Mushrooms reproduce in a similar way to ferns. They grow spores in gills under the cap, which gradually opens from a ball to a disc as the mushroom matures. Some mushrooms release their spores in an explosive puff. Spores look like fine black dust.
Photo of a bottle of perfume

Pis forPerfume

Perfume is a liquid that has a nice smell. It is made from essential oils, usually found in flowers and scented plants. Perfume is usually sprayed on your skin to make you smell better.