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Photo of paintbrushes.

Words that rhyme with -ush

List of words that end with a "ush " sound

Bis forBlush

You blush when your skin goes red, either because you are embarassed or ashamed.
Photo of bottlebrush flowers
Scientific name: family: callistemon
Bottlebrush are a kind of evergreen flowering shrub found mainly in Australia. They have very distinctive flowers that grow in clusters and are mostly stamens with petals so small you can barely see them. There are a lot of different varieties of bottlebrush, each growing to a different size and shape and needing slightly different conditions to grow. Some bottlebrush species are also found in New Caledonia.
Photo of a hairbrush

Bis forBrush

A brush is something you use to make your hair neat and tidy, and remove any knots and tangles in your hair.

Cis forCrush

You crush something when you put so much pressure on it that it changes shape or breaks. Some things that are often crushed are garlic cloves, old cars and soda cans, like in the picture.

Lis forLush

A plant or area of vegetation is lush if it is very healthy, a vivid green, and has lots of foliage.
Photo of some paintbrushes
You use a paintbrush to paint with. The soft end of a paintbrush is usually made from hair.
Photo of a toilet brush
A toilet brush is a scrubbing brush especially designed for cleaning the inside of a toilet.
Photo of a child using a toothbrush
A toothbrush is a small brush with a long handle that you use to clean your teeth. You use toothpaste on your toothbrush to make sure your teeth get really clean and strong. Toothbrushes are shaped the way they are so they are easy to hold, and so they can reach your teeth really well. You should brush your teeth twice a day.