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Photo of a womans fingernails

Body parts that start with F

Parts of your body. Not all of these are human parts - people don't have tails and wings but they still qualify as body parts!
Photo of a gorilla's face

Fis forFace

Your face is the front part of your head. Your eyes, nose, mouth, chin and cheeks are all on your face. It is not just humans that have faces. The picture is a gorilla's face.

Fis forFang

Fangs are large, pointed teeth that meat-eating animals like dogs and cats have. Unlike tusks, fangs don't usually grow out of the animal's mouth.
Photo of a feather

Fis forFeather

While people and animals are covered in hair, birds are covered in feathers. Feathers are very light and the feathers in a bird's wings are especially designed so the bird can fly.
Photo of fish fins

Fis forFin

A fin is a fish's limb. Fish have fins instead of arms, legs or wings. Fish can have a lot more than just four fins. Fins can also be used to describe any small fin-like object that is used for stability, like fins on a boat or an aircraft.

Fis forFinger

You have four fingers on your hand and one thumb. You use your hands to hold things, and your fingers to make things.
Your fingernails are the hard parts on the back of your fingertips. Your fingernails protect the ends of your fingers from getting damaged. Some people grow their fingernails very long, and paint them in pretty colors.
If you look closely at the ends of your fingers you will be able to see lots of small lines in your skin. Whenever you touch something, the oil on your skin means you leave a mark of these lines, called a fingerprint. Everyone has different fingerprints, and at a crime scene the police will be looking for fingerprints so they can try and find out who was there.

Fis forFist

You make a fist with your hand when you close your hand up tight and tuck all your fingers in together. People often make fists when they are angry and want to punch someone.
Photo of a horse's flank

Fis forFlank

Flank is another word for waist, the part of your body between your ribs and your hips.

Fis forFleece

A fleece is the entire coat of wool that is on an animal like a sheep. The term fleece is usually used to refer to the wool after it has been removed by shearing the sheep.