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Photo of a policeman.

Words that rhyme with -eese

List of words that end with a "eese " sound

Ais forAnise

Scientific name: pimpinella anisum
Anise or aniseed is a small plant related to fennel and celery. It is grown for its seeds, which have a similar taste to liquorice. It is a different plant to star anise.
Photo of a paper plane

Cis forCrease

A crease is a line that has been made in a surface, usually by bending or folding it. People get creases in their skin in places that move, like around their eyes. The piece of paper in the picture has creases in it from where someone has folded it into the shape of a paper plane.
A set of Matryoshka dolls decrease in size.

Dis forDecrease

Decrease means to reduce or make smaller in size or quantity.

Fis forFleece

A fleece is the entire coat of wool that is on an animal like a sheep. The term fleece is usually used to refer to the wool after it has been removed by shearing the sheep.
Photo of a Fleur de lis
A fleur de lis is a stylised lily flower. It is used on coats of arms, in jewellery, as a pattern on fabrics and tapestries and as a decorative element on many household objects. It is strongly associated with the medieval time period in England.
Photo of a group of geese

Gis forGeese

The plural of goose is geese. One goose, two geese.
Photo of grease

Gis forGrease

In cooking, grease is thick animal fat. The picture is of some bacon grease left to cool in a frying pan. Grease can also be used to describe non-edible thick oils that are used on machines for lubrication.
Photo of the Greek flag

Gis forGreece

Greece is a country in southern Europe. The capital of Greece is Athens. People in Greece are called Greeks, and they speak Greek. Not to be confused with grease.

Nis forNiece

Your niece is the daughter of your brother or sister.

Ois forObese

You are obese if you are very fat or overweight. Obese people often have health problems because of their size.