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Photo of a whale.

Words that rhyme with -ale

List of words that end with a "ale " sound

Photo of a glass of ale

Ais forAle

Ale is a similar drink to beer but is darker, heavier and more bitter. In some countries, ale is simply another word for beer.
Photo of a group of turtles
A group of turtles is called a bale.
Photo of hay bales
A bale is a large bundle of something, usually tightly packed into a regular shape and held together with string. hay and straw are the two most common items that is packed into bales.

Bis forBraille

Braille is a system that blind people can use to read and write. Letters and numbers in braille are made up of raised dots that blind people can feel with their fingertips.
Photo of a man wearing chainmail
Chain mail is a type of armour that was worn to protect against being cut by bladed weapons like swords. It was used by a number of cultures for hundreds of years, and is still in use today. It is used as protective armour against shark bites.
Photo of clydesdale horses
Clydesdales are draft horses from the Clydesdale region of Scotland. They are large, strong, attractive horses that today are used primarily by beer companies to pull carts full of barrels, or pulling wagons at fairs and parades.
Photo of some cocktails.

Cis forCocktail

A cocktail is an alcoholic drink with two or more ingredients. At least one of the ingredients is a strong, highly alcoholic beverage, and cocktails often contain 'mixers' like lemonade or fruit juice. Cocktails are seen as a 'fun' drink and are often brightly coloured, and can be served in glasses decorated with pieces of fruit, small umbrellas or, as in the picture, herbs like mint leaves. Different mixes of cocktails are often given interesting (and sometimes embarrassing) names.
Photo of a detailed fan

Dis forDetail

A detail is a very small part of something. Paying attention to detail means you pay attention to all the small parts of something rather than the whole thing. If something is very detailed, it means it is quite intricate.
Photo of a pony exhaling

Eis forExhale

You exhale when you breathe out. The opposite of exhale is inhale.
Photo of a mare and foal

Fis forFemale

A plant or animal is female if she can produce eggs or similar female cells that can be fertilized by sperm or other male cells. Most female animals will have live babies, while birds, most fish and most reptiles lay eggs.