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Photo of a boomerang

Words that rhyme with -ang

List of words that end with a "ang " sound

Photo of a boomerang
A boomerang is a curved piece of wood used that was originally used by Australian Aborigines as a weapon or for sport. If you throw a boomerang right, it will travel around in a loop and come back to you. Other cultures outside of Australia have also developed boomerangs, but theirs do not return when you throw them.

Fis forFang

Fangs are large, pointed teeth that meat-eating animals like dogs and cats have. Unlike tusks, fangs don't usually grow out of the animal's mouth.
Photo of a gang

Gis forGang

A gang is a group of people. The term is most often used to describe a group of young people, or a group of people who are behaving badly or engaging in crime.
Photo of a hanging wind chime

His forHang

Something is hanging if it is attached to something at the top but can swing freely under it. You hang out laundry using pegs to attach them, and bats hang upside down by their feet when they sleep. If something is hanging very loosely and is wobbling around, it is usually called dangling.
Photo of a lemon meringue pie

Mis forMeringue

Meringue is made from egg whites beaten with sugar until it becomes stiff. Meringue is then baked, which browns it a little. Meringue can be used by itself or as part of another dish, for example a lemon meringue pie.
Photo of wild mustangs

Mis forMustang

Mustangs are feral horses found roaming wild in North America.
Photo of Pyongyang, North Korea
Pyongyang is the capital of North Korea. It has a population of around 2.5 million people.
Ring bell for service

Ris forRang

Rang is the past tense of ring. For example "he rang his girlfriend" or "she rang a bell".
Photo of a man singing

Sis forSang

Sang is the past tense of sing.