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Food starting with F

Food that starts with F

Food and drinks, from complete dishes to flavorings and beyond.
Fats and oils are a group of substances that do not dissolve in water. Both fats and oils are the same kind of chemical, but generally something is called an oil if it is liquid at room temperature, and a fat if it is solid at room temperature. Some kinds of fats and oils are edible and can be used in cooking, while others are used as fuel for things like cars. The picture is of some stock cooling, and quite clearly shows a layer of fat sitting above the watery stock.

Fis forFeast

A feast is similar to a banquet but is less formal. A feast is a very large, extravagant meal for any number of people. You can prepare a feast just for yourself if you want to.

Fis forFennel

Scientific name: foeniculum vulgare
Fennel is a plant related to dill and anise. It has a flavour similar to anise but not as strong. The leaves and seeds can be used in cooking as a garnish or flavour, and the bulb at the base of the plant can be cooked as a vegetable.
Photo of some figs

Fis forFig

Scientific name: ficus carica
Figs are the flower of a medium sized tree that is grown almost all over the world. It is originally from the Iran and Pakistan area. It can be grown in most climates, and will tolerate some degree of frost and drought. Figs can be eaten raw, made into jam, cooked into desserts or most commonly, dried. You can grow your own figs in several different ways. You can take cuttings of bare branches in late winter to early spring before the leaves grow and put them in a sheltered spot in some sandy potting soil. You can also grow them by bending over a young branch and pinning the bend into some soil, waiting for roots to grow at the bend and then cutting the branch from the main tree. Or you can grow figs by layering.
A fillet of beef.

Fis forFillet

A fillet is a boneless cut of meat.
Photo of a blueberry tart

Fis forFlan

A flan is another name for a tart, or a pie with no lid.
Photo of flour

Fis forFlour

Flour is a fine, white powder made from milling grain. You can make flour from many grains, including wheat, corn or rice. Flour is used to make a huge variety of foods, like bread, cakes, cookies, pancakes or waffles. You can't eat flour on its own, it has to be mixed with something else and cooked first.
Photo of fondue

Fis forFondue

Fondue is a meal made up of a pot of melted cheese, chocolate or any other melt-able foods. You eat it by dipping pieces of fruit or bread into it.
Photo of food

Fis forFood

Food is anything you can eat that gives you energy and nutrients and helps you grow. There are many things you can eat that are not food. People will go to a lot of effort to make food look and taste good.
Photo of french fries
French fries, also known as hot chips, are made from potatoes cut into long thin strips and then deep fried in oil. They are usually served hot, with salt. Very thin chips are sometimes called French fries.