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Photo of oil.

Words that rhyme with -oyl

List of words that end with a "oyl " sound

Bis forBoil

Something boils when it becomes so hot it changes from liquid to a gas. The picture is of some water boiling on a stove top. You can see the gas being made, in the form of bubbles in the water. People boil water so they can make soup or tea or coffee.
Broiling meat.

Bis forBroil

Broil means to cook food under intense heat.
Photo of a coiled fire hose

Cis forCoil

A coil is a word used to describe something that is in loops on top of each other to form a helix or loops around each other to form a spiral. The photo is of a fire hose coiled into a spiral.
Fats and oils are a group of substances that do not dissolve in water. Both fats and oils are the same kind of chemical, but generally something is called an oil if it is liquid at room temperature, and a fat if it is solid at room temperature. Some kinds of fats and oils are edible and can be used in cooking, while others are used as fuel for things like cars. The picture is of some stock cooling, and quite clearly shows a layer of fat sitting above the watery stock.

Fis forFoil

Foil is any metal that has been rolled into thin sheets. Aluminium foil is commonly used in the kitchen. Foil is also another word for thwart.

Gis forGargoyle

A gargoyle is an ugly, even grotesque, ornamental water spout, usually found on extremely old buildings before gutters and downpipes were used. Gargoyles are ugly so they scare off evil spirits. Ugly statues that are not water spouts are called chimeras.
Photo of a bottle of oil

Ois forOil

Oil is a substance that is liquid at room temperature. Oil does not mix with water. Oil can be heated to much higher temperatures than water can, and so is useful in cooking food. Because oil does not stick to things, it is used to help stop food sticking when it is being cooked, and it helps stop parts of machinery like car engines from sticking together when they are running. Most oils will burn under the right conditions and can be used as a heat or light source, and a fuel to run things like internal combustion engines. Oil can be made from the seeds of many plants, as well as dug up from under the ground. Oil that comes from the ground used to be plants or animals many thousands of years ago, and had been changed into oil by the movement of the Earth.
Photo of hands holding soil.

Sis forSoil

Soil is the name for dirt that is good to grow plants in. Soil is usually high in organic matter, either naturally from silt or decaying leaves, or added by a gardener in the form of compost.