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Photo of jade

Words that rhyme with -ade

List of words that end with a "ade " sound

Ais forAdelaide

Adelaide is the capital of the state of South Australia (SA) in Australia. It has a population of around 1.2 million.

Ais forAfraid

You are afraid of something when you are scared of something and you just want to run away from it.
Photo of a balustrade
A balustrade is a kind of fence that usually surrounds stairs or a balcony. A balustrade is made up of a horizontal rail and vertical balusters. Balusters are usually quite decorative.
Photo of Belgrade, Serbia

Bis forBelgrade

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia. The population of Belgrade is about 3.2 million.

Bis forBlade

A blade is the edge of a weapon like a knife or part of some machinery, like the blades of a fan. The blade on a knife is usually very sharp.
Photo of a blockade

Bis forBlockade

A blockade is a barrier, usually put up by a military or police force, that stops people or vehicles from getting through.

Bis forBraid

Braiding is simply a form of weaving, but is usually meant to mean weaving hair or making a rope. See also: plait.
Photo of brocade fabric

Bis forBrocade

Brocade is a class of richly decorative fabric that has the design woven into it. Brocades are often made in colored silks and with or without gold and silver threads.
A cascading waterfall.

Cis forCascade

Cascade means to fall over a steep surface or over an edge. Water is especially prone to cascading off of cliffs and forming waterfalls.
Photo of a crocheted rug
Something is crocheted if it has been made by the process of crocheting.