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Photo of a bald man

Words that rhyme with -alled

List of words that end with a "alled " sound

Bis forBald

You are bald if you have little or no hair on your head. Some men go bald as they get older, but other people shave off their hair to become bald. The man in the picture is bald, but his dog certainly is not!

Bis forBrawled

Brawled is the past tense of brawl.
Photo of a woman taking a phone call

Cis forCalled

Called is the past tense of call.
Businessman Donald Trump.

Dis forDonald

Donald is a Scottish name for boys. Donald means "mighty." The man in the photo is businessman Donald Trump.
Photo of a piebald horse

Pis forPiebald

Piebald is another word for pied. It is generally used to describe horses.

Ris forRonald

Ronald is a German name for boys. Ronald means "rules with counsel."
Photo of some scrawled graffiti

Sis forScrawled

Scrawled is the past tense of scrawl.