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Photo of a clock.

Words that rhyme with -ock

List of words that end with a "ock " sound

Photo of Bangkok

Bis forBangkok

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. It has a population of 14.5 million. It is famous for its nightlife.
Photo of some wooden blocks

Bis forBlock

A block is a piece of wood, stone or another kind of masonry that is used to build things out of. Blocks can be very big and used to make buildings from, or very small and used as a children's toy. A block is also a word used to describe a lot of small places that you live, like flats or apartments, that are joined together into one building. Block is also used to describe something that stops something else from happening, like when you have writer's block you can't have any good ideas.
Photo of a chock under a wheel

Cis forChock

A chock is a piece of wood or metal used to hold something steady. Chocks are most often used against wheels to stop a vehicle from rolling away.
Photo of some cinder blocks
Cinder blocks are fairly lightweight concrete blocks used for building walls. They are usually hollow. Their name varies depending on what is used as an aggregate. Cinder blocks can be called concrete blocks, cement blocks, foundation blocks, breeze blocks (UK), besser blocks (Australia) or clinker blocks. The lighter, lower quality types of cinder blocks use industrial wastes like ash as an aggregate.
Photo of a clock

Cis forClock

A clock is something you can use to tell the time on. It is useful to know the time, so you know when to go to school, or have dinner, or watch your favourite TV show. A small clock that you wear on your wrist is called a watch.
Photo of a cock pheasant.

Cis forCock

Most male birds are called cocks. Sometimes the word is in the common name of the bird, such as the peacock. Male birds tend to have much brighter coloured feathers than female birds, or hens.

Dis forDock

A dock is a place where ships can come up against the shoreline and load or unload their cargo. It might also be a similar system set up for trucks to load and unload. Used as a verb, docking is the act of something connecting to a dock.
Photo of a girl with dreadlocks
Dreadlocks are like ropes growing in your hair. They form when your hair matts together. Dreadlocks will form on their own if you never comb your hair, but most people encourage dreadlocks to form. Dreadlocks form more easily in people with tightly curled hair.

Fis forFlock

A group of sheep, goats or birds is called a flock.

Fis forFrock

A frock is another word for a dress.