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Photo of a red couch

List of living room items

Things you might find in a living room.

A coffee table is a small, low table, usually set near a lounge suite, for people to put their coffee cups on. Coffee tables also get used for other drinks, books, magazines and for people to put their feet up on.
Photo of a lamp.

Lis forLamp

A lamp is a light that typically has a stand. Smaller lamps are usually put on small tables, and lamps with longer stands called floor lamps are put on the ground. Some lamps can be mounted to a wall. Lamps are most often seen inside, for decoration or for using as a small light source to read by.
Photo of a rug

Ris forRug

A rug is a piece of small carpet that doesn't cover the entire room. Some people call rugs carpets too. They often have a fringe around the edge, or a bright pattern on them. Rugs are usually bought to look good.

Sis forSofa

Also known as a couch, setee or lounge, a sofa is a soft, padded place to sit. Sofas usually fit two or three people.
A television, or TV, is something you use for watching moving pictures and sound that comes from a distance. Television programs are broadcast from television transmitters, so the television signal comes into your house through cables or in the air from a tower. Your television is just the device that picks up the signal and converts it into something you can watch. You can also play games though your television. Most people today have at least one television in their house.