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Photo of a slug.

Words that rhyme with -ug

List of words that end with a "ug " sound

Photo of a bug

Bis forBug

A bug is a slang word for any insect or anything that is like an insect, for example a spider. You might also use bug as another word for annoy, as in "stop bugging me". A bug is also a covert listening device, used to spy on what other people are talking about.

Dis forDug

Dug is the past tense of dig.
Photo of two people hugging

His forHug

You hug someone when you wrap your arms around someone else and squeeze them. You usually hug someone you like, or people in your family. There are lots of types of hugs, with different names. Like cuddle, snuggle, bear hug, or even group hug, when there is more than two people hugging at once.
Photo of three jugs.

Jis forJug

A jug is a container designed to pour a liquid like water or milk from. It has a handle to hold it with and a spout so that whatever is in the jug goes in the right place and doesn't spill and make a mess when you pour it.
Photo of a red ladybug

Lis forLadybug

The ladybug, or ladybird, is a very small beetle that eats aphids. As aphids are pests, it is seen as a very good thing to have ladybugs in your garden. Ladybugs are usually red, orange or yellow with black spots.
Photo of a mug

Mis forMug

A mug is a type of cup often used for drinking hot beverages, such as coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. A mug is bigger than a cup.

Pis forPlug

A plug is a small device, usually made from rubber, that is used to stop up the hole at the bottom of a bath or washbasin. When you are finished using the water, you just pull out the plug and let the water drain away.
Photo of a pug

Pis forPug

Pugs are a small breed of dog originally from China. They are solidly built, with a short, wrinkly face and a curled tail. Most pugs are fawn, but can be found in apricot, silver and black too.
Photo of a rug

Ris forRug

A rug is a piece of small carpet that doesn't cover the entire room. Some people call rugs carpets too. They often have a fringe around the edge, or a bright pattern on them. Rugs are usually bought to look good.
Photo of a woman shrugging

Sis forShrug

A shrug is an action where you raise your shoulders up. Shrugging is a way of saying "I don't know".