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Photo of a chair.

List of furniture

If you can sit on it, lie on it, write on it or just leave it there for decoration, all your furniture and decoration needs are covered by this category.

Photo of an altar

Ais forAltar

An altar is a sacred place, often inside a church or shrine, where religious ceremonies take place.
Photo of a baby in a bassinet

Bis forBassinet

A bassinet (sometimes spelt bassinette) is a small bed for babies that are under a few months old. When babies are older they usually sleep in an infant bed.

Bis forBeanbag

A beanbag is a large cloth bag full of small polystyrene beans. They are usually big enough to sit in. They squish and change shape when you sit in them so they are very comfortable. You can get very small beanbags too, which you can play games with or juggle with.

Bis forBed

A bed is a soft, comfortable place you sleep at night. Beds usually have a pillow to rest your head on, and sheets and blankets to keep you warm.
Photo of a wooden bench.

Bis forBench

A bench is a long seat that is designed for more than one person to sit on at once. Benches sometimes don't have a backrest. Benches are often seen in parks, or by bus stops.
Photo of a bookshelf
A bookshelf is a piece of furniture that is used to store books on. Bookshelves can also be used to store anything that fits on them, but most people do use bookshelves just to store books.

Cis forCarpet

A carpet is a soft, usually fluffy surface that is put down on floors. Carpet usually means something that covers the entire floor, but can sometimes mean a smaller rug. Sometimes people call carpet broadloom carpet or wall-to-wall carpet. Carpets make the floor feel soft and warm.
Photo of a chair

Cis forChair

A chair is a piece of furniture that you sit on. A chair is only supposed to fit one person, a chair that fits more is usually called a bench. Most chairs are made out of wood. The chair in the photo is made from metal.
Photo of a treasure chest
A chest is a type of box, usually made from wood with a hinged lid. Chests are typically used to store things that are valuable.
A coffee table is a small, low table, usually set near a lounge suite, for people to put their coffee cups on. Coffee tables also get used for other drinks, books, magazines and for people to put their feet up on.