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Photo of a dining table

Words that rhyme with -able

List of words that end with a "able " sound

Photo of a cable

Cis forCable

Traditionally a cable is a very strong, heavy kind of rope. In more modern times, a cable has come to mean a long cord made of strands of metal and coated with an insulator, which is used to carry electricity or electrical signals.
A changing table, or change table, is a small table that you change a baby's soiled diaper on. They have a padded top and raised edges to keep the baby comfortable and stop them from rolling off onto the floor. Some change tables can be converted to nursery furniture later, and have drawers underneath them.
A coffee table is a small, low table, usually set near a lounge suite, for people to put their coffee cups on. Coffee tables also get used for other drinks, books, magazines and for people to put their feet up on.
Photo of a gable roof

Gis forGable

A gable is the vertical end of a roof that is made of two sloped surfaces that join at the top to form a pitched roof.

Lis forLabel

A label is something you put on something so you can tell what it is. People put labels on containers so they know what is inside. Labels usually have writing on them, but sometimes have symbols or pictures.

Sis forSable

Sables are medium sized animals that are bred and hunted for their fur. They eat berries, small animals, fruit and eggs. They are found in northern Europe.

Sis forStable

A stable is a special building that you keep horses in. When there are several horses in a stable, each horse has its own stall.

Tis forTable

A table is a large, flat piece of furniture with long legs. You usually sit around a table on chairs and eat dinner. Small tables are often put near sofas so people can put their coffee cups on them. Most tables are made out of wood, with either wood or metal legs. Tables can be round or square.