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Photo of an explosion.

Words that rhyme with -shun

List of words that end with a "shun " sound

Ammunition relates to anything needed for firing a weapon, such as the supply of bullets and any other supplies like priming powder. Ammunition can also be used to describe spent parts of the ammunition after the weapon has been fired.
Photo of a group of larks
A group of larks is called an ascension or an exultation.
Photo of carnation flowers
Scientific name: dianthus caryophyllus
Carnations are a popular cut flower, with greyish green leaves and flowers that come in shades of pink, white and red, and in solid colours as well as patterned. The edges of most carnation petals are distinctively frilly.
A celebration is a party for an event like a birthday or holiday. Fireworks are often a part of big celebrations like New Year's Eve or the Fourth of July.
Photo of a car crashed into a pole
A collision is the act of two things colliding.
A competition is where two or more people try and be the best at something. The 'something' can be literally anything that can be judged on some critera of quality, like writing a story, running a race, baking a cake, or growing vegetables, like in the picture. There is usually some kind of prize for winning a competition.
Condensation forms when water vapour hits a cool surface and turns back into water. You often see condensation on a cold drink bottle, or on the inside of your windows on a cold morning. Condensation outside is often called dew.
Photo of a house being built
Construction is the process of building or constructing something, or used to describe the result of this process. For example, "That is a fine construction".
A conversation is when two or more people talk casually to each other. Conversations may be about anything, from the weather to a heated discussion about politics.
Photo of corroded metal
Corrosion is what appears on something that is corroded, or the process of something becoming corroded.