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Photo of orchids

Words that rhyme with -id

List of words that end with a "id " sound

Photo of citric acid

Ais forAcid

Acids are a type of chemical with certain properties. They react with metals and bases. Acids are found in all sorts of everyday things, and are not as dangerous as the industrial grade acids you sometimes see in movies. Many fruits contain acid. Oranges and lemons contain citric acid, which is shown being mixed with water in the picture.

Ais forAphid

Scientific name: superfamily: aphidoidea
Aphids, also called plant lice, are a tiny, sapsucking insect. They are attracted to fresh new shoots of plants, especially developing fruit and flowerbuds. They can do a lot of damage to crops, and gardeners do not like them. Aphids can be killed by poison, removed by squirting them off with water from a hose, or their numbers can be reduced naturally by encouraging aphid-eaters like ladybugs and wasps into your garden. The aphids in the picture are on a the developing flower bud of a rose.
Photo of an arachnid

Ais forArachnid

Arachids are creatures with an external skeleton and eight legs. Arachnids include spiders, scorpions, ticks, mites and harvestmen.

Ais forArid

A place is arid if very little rain falls there and it is very dry. Deserts are just very arid regions. Most arid areas still support a lot of life, with many creatures and plants that have adapted to not having a lot of water available.
A bedraggled dog
Something is bedraggled if it is limp and dirty. The dog in the picture is bedraggled.

Cis forCupid

Cupid is a cherub. Cupid carries a bow and arrow, and when he shoots people they become passionate and full of love.
Soccer player David Beckham.

Dis forDavid

David is a Hebrew name for boys. David means "beloved." The man in the picture is soccer player David Beckham.
Photo of an eyelid

Eis forEyelid

Eyelids are pieces of skin that cover your eyes. When you close your eyelids, you can't see anything. The edges of your eyelids have hairs growing on them called eyelashes.
Photo of liquid water

Fis forFluid

A fluid material is one that can flow and is easy to change the shape of. Liquids and gases are fluid.
Forbidden items.

Fis forForbid

Forbid means to command or insist that someone does not do something. For example, smoking is forbidden in many public places.