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Photo of a road

Words that rhyme with -ode

List of words that end with a "ode " sound

Ais forAbode

An abode is a place you live, such as a house.
Photo of rust

Cis forCorrode

Corroding is the process by which something becomes corroded. Metals usually corrode by a slow chemical reaction.
Photo of some bad erosion

Eis forErode

Something gets eroded if it is being worn away. Mountains slowly erode over time and the rock they are made from turns to dirt. Erosion is only a problem if it happens too fast. When people cut down a lot of trees and plants all at the same time, there is nothing to hold the dirt together so it either gets blown away by the wind or washed away by rain. Once the soil has eroded away there is nothing to grow plants in for food, and the land becomes useless. The picture is of some bad erosion around a creek.
Photo of a load of hay

Lis forLoad

A load, or cargo, is anything that is being transported somewhere. The picture is of a load of hay being pulled by two horses.

Ris forRailroad

A railroad is made from two rails laid parallel to each other. The rails are usually fixed to wooden or concrete sleepers. Railroads are especially made for trains to travel along.
Photo of a road

Ris forRoad

A road is a long, flat, hard place that vehicles like cars and trucks drive on. Roads connect towns and cities to one another. Roads can be thousands of kilometers long, and be made of hard asphalt, concrete, or just dirt.
Photo of a family riding a bike

Ris forRode

Rode is the past tense of ride.

Tis forToad

A toad is very similar to a frog. In general, a toad is just a very warty frog with drier skin.

Uis forUnload

You unload something when you take the load or cargo out from inside it. The truck in the picture is unloading a pile of dirt.