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Photo of a frog

List of amphibians

Creatures that live in damp places and have an aquatic larval stage.

Photo of an axolotl

Ais forAxolotl

Scientific name: ambystoma mexicanum
Axolotls, sometimes called Mexican walking fish, are the larval stage of salamanders, in the same way that tadpoles are the larval stage of frogs. Axolotls are a special case where they don't need to grow to the adult stage to breed. Axolotls come from a lake in Mexico, and they can live for about 15 years. They eat small water creatures that they suck into their mouths.
Photo of a frog

Fis forFrog

Frogs can be found around fresh water, including in deserts when it only rains every few years. They can breathe through their skin when they are in water. Frogs lay eggs, which hatch into tadpoles. Frogs come in a great variety of colours and can range in size from as small as a fingernail up to about 30cm long. Frogs that are very warty are often called toads.
Photo of a newt

Nis forNewt

Scientific name: family salamandridae, subfamily pleurodelinae
Newts are a member of the salamander family. Newts have three stages as they grow - larval, juvenile and adult.
Photo of a salamander
Scientific name: Order caudata
Salamanders are amphibians that look somewhat like lizards. They need to live in moist enviroments. Some salamanders live entirely in water, others come out of the water. Their skin is always damp as it produces mucous just like the inside of your mouth does. If you cut the leg off a salamander, it can regrow.

Tis forTadpole

Tadpoles are the larval stage of frogs, and spend their lives in water. They hatch from eggs, and gradually change into frogs. Tadpoles cannot breathe outside of water, they have gills like fish.

Tis forToad

A toad is very similar to a frog. In general, a toad is just a very warty frog with drier skin.