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Photo of a flood

Words that rhyme with -ud

List of words that end with a "ud " sound

Photo of a bleeding thumb.

Bis forBlood

Blood is a red liquid that your heart pumps through your entire body. Blood carries all the nutrients that your body needs to live and grow. Normally you can never see your blood as it is inside you, but when you have an accident, cut yourself and bleed you can see your blood. However, not all creatures have red blood. Some marine creatures such as horseshoe crabs and many insects have green blood, which contains the copper-based cyanoglobin rather than the red iron-based haemoglobin.
Photo of a bud

Bis forBud

A bud is a point on a plant where something new is growing. Usually a bud is a place a new leaf is growing, but a flower that is just starting can also be described as a bud or flowerbud. Deciduous plants start to bud as spring approaches.
Photo of a cow chewing its cud.

Cis forCud

Cud is partly-digested food that ruminant animals put back in their mouths to chew again. The cow in the picture is chewing its cud.
Scientific name: Dracaena cinnabari
The dragon's blood tree is found only on the island of Socotra in Yemen. It has dark red sap, like dragon's blood.

Fis forFlood

A flood is water covering or submerging land. Floods can happen when it rains faster than the ground can soak up the water or let it run away, or by a rising river that bursts its banks. Floods can also be caused by very high tides or storms that push seawater inland.
Photo of some people standing in mud.

Mis forMud

Mud is what you get when you mix water and dirt together. Mud is sticky, squishy, squelchy and great fun to play with. If the mud is really wet you can squish around in it, and if it is only a little bit wet you can mold it into shapes like mud pies. Even though mud is so fun, adults don't like children to play in the mud as it is very dirty, and they don't want to have to wash your clothes afterwards.
Photo of potatoes

Sis forSpud

A spud is a slang term for a potato.