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Photo of a peg.

Words that rhyme with -eg

List of words that end with a "eg " sound

Dog  begging for food

Bis forBeg

Begging is a way of asking for something to be given to you, in a humble, pleading kind of way. The dog in the picture is begging for food.
Photo of a man begging.

Bis forBeggar

Beggars are people who have no way of getting money on their own, so they ask other people to give them money or goods. Beggars are often homeless. In many countries, beggars are sick, disabled or mentally unstable and beg because they cannot work.
Photo of the dregs of a casserole

Dis forDregs

Dregs is the residue left behind after something else has been taken away. Dregs usually refers to the poorest quality part of something that has been left behind, or the worst of something, as in "the dregs of society".

Eis forEgg

Birds, fish, most insects and most reptiles lay eggs, as do monotremes and amphibians. Birds lay eggs with a hard shell, and only one at a time, although they may lay several eggs to fill a nest. Reptiles like turtles and crocodiles lay eggs with leathery shells, and can lay hundreds of eggs at once. Fish and frogs lay eggs in the water, and most have no shells or a coating of jelly to make it hard for other things to eat them. Insects also lay eggs, and most are so small you can hardly see them. Only a very very small number of animals lay eggs. The platypus is one of them.

Kis forKeg

A keg is another name for a cask or barrel. Modern kegs tend to be made from metal, and contain drinks stored under pressure.
Photo of people's legs

Lis forLeg

You have two legs, one on each side. You use them to stand on, and to run and jump. Your feet are at the ends of each of your legs.
Photo of nutmeg fruit

Nis forNutmeg

Scientific name: genus: myristica
Nutmeg comes from an evergreen tropical tree native to Indonesia. Nutmeg comes from the nut at the center of the fruit in the picture, while mace is made from the red coating that is found around the outside of the seed. Nutmeg has a strong, warm taste and is used as a spice by many different cultures, in both sweet and savory dishes.
Photo of clothes pegs

Pis forPeg

A peg is something you use to hold wet clothes to a line so it can dry after it has been washed. Modern pegs are usually made of wood or plastic and have a spring in them so they hold shut tightly.