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Photo of a bucket.

List of containers

Things you can put other things in.

Photo of someone wearing a backpack

Bis forBackpack

A backpack is a type of bag that is designed to be worn on your back. Backpacks have two straps that go over your shoulders, and sometimes an extra strap that goes around your waist.
Photo of a bag

Bis forBag

A bag is a container with handles that you carry around with you. You can put all sorts of things in a bag, depending on how big it is. School children carry their books in a bag on their back. Women carry lipstick in small bags that they carry in their hands or over one shoulder - usually called handbags. The biggest bag is a suitcase that you pack a lot of your clothes in when you go on holidays.
Photo of barrels

Bis forBarrel

A barrel is a large container made from wood and bound with metal hoops to hold it together. Wooden barrels used to be used for storing and transporting anything that could fit in a barrel, but today they are only used for making and storing wines and spirits.
Photo of a basket

Bis forBasket

A basket is a container that is woven, in a process called wickerwork. Baskets can be made from thin willow branches, bamboo, plastic or wire.

Bis forBin

A bin is a container for storing things in. Many bins are used as trash cans, but bins can also be used to store , fuel, or virtually anything.
Photo of bottles

Bis forBottle

A bottle is a container with a long neck that is used to store liquids like water, soft drinks, wine and even shampoo.

Bis forBowl

A bowl is a shallow vessel with an open top that you eat out of. Bowls are usually used for cereal, soups and sometimes noodles or pasta.

Bis forBox

Boxes are something you store things in. When you buy an appliance from a shop it often comes in a box. Boxes can be made of simple cardboard, or can be very fancy wooden boxes. A box that is big enough makes a great cubbyhouse. The box in the picture is big enough to fit a girl inside.
Photo of a man with a briefcase
A briefcase is a rectangular bag that is most often used by professional workers. Briefcases are usually black and made of leather.
Photo of a red bucket.

Bis forBucket

A bucket is a deep container with a flat bottom, a handle and no lid. Buckets are used for carrying things like water, dirt or fruit.