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Photo of an iguana.

Types of reptiles

Creatures with scales instead of hair, and cold blood instead of warm.

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Scientific name: (American) alligator mississippiensis and (Chinese) alligator sinensis
An alligator is a very large reptile, found in China and America. They are related to crocodiles but are generally darker in colour and have a broader snout. Alligators live in fresh water.
Scientific name: family: chamaeleonidae
Chameleons are a distinctive-looking family of lizards. The most famous chameleons change colour to camouflage against their surroundings, but not all chameleons can do this. Chameleons eat insects, catching them with their extremely long tongues. Chameleons can move their eyes independantly, and point them in two different directions at once.
Photo of a crocodile
Scientific name: family: crocodylidae
Crocodiles are a large reptile that can range in size up to eight metres long. They are found all over the world, and can live in both fresh water and salt water. They are related to alligators.
Drawing of a dinosaur
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Dis forDinosaur

Dinosaurs lived on the Earth millions of years ago. They came in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. Some dinosaurs were tall and walked on two legs, others walked on all fours. Some dinosaurs ate grass and leaves, other dinosaurs ate smaller dinosaurs.
Photo of a dragon statue

Dis forDragon

A dragon is a kind of large reptile that does not actually exist - it is mythical. Dragons are often described as having wings, four legs and are able to breathe fire. The picture is of a dragon statue.
Photo of a frilled lizard
Scientific name: chlamydosaurus kingii
The frill necked lizard, frilled lizard or frilled dragon is found in dry regions of Australia and New Guinea. It can grow to a metre long including its tail. The lizard has a large frill around its neck that it can raise when it is disturbed, and the frill is meant to frighten off whatever disturbed it. If the frill doesn't work it will run away and hide up a tree. Frill neck lizards eat insects and small lizards.

Gis forGecko

A gecko is a kind of small lizard. They eat small insects. Geckos grow up to a few inches long, and come in a wide variety of colours. Some geckos have special feet, and can walk up walls or across a glass window.

Gis forGoanna

Scientific name: genus: varanus
Goannas are large monitors that live in Australia. Some of them are quite small, but some can grow up to two metres long. Goannas eat insects and small animals, and will also eat rotting meat from dead animals they find.
Photo of an iguana

Iis forIguana

Scientific name: iguana iguana
The iguana is a kind of medium-sized vegetarian lizard from South America. They are a popular pet.
Photo of a komodo dragon
Scientific name: varanus komodoensis
Komodo dragons are the largest species of lizard. They are a type of monitor, like the goanna. Komodo dragons grow to 2-3 metres long and can weigh up to 70kg. They live only on a string of islands in Indonesia, including Komodo island. They mainly eat dead animals they find, but will also hunt and kill animals. Their bite is slightly venomous and can be extremely painful.