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Photo of a gong

Words that rhyme with -ong

List of words that end with a "ong " sound

A man and his dog

Bis forBelong

Someone or something belongs in a group if it is a member of that group. Something belongs in a place if it is meant to be there, for example "the plates belong in that cupboard". Belong can also mean ownership, as in "that dog belongs to me".

Dis forDugong

Scientific name: dugong dugon
Dugongs are closely related to manatees, but unlike manatees they live in salty water. Dugongs are mammals, and they eat seagrasses in shallow water near the coast.

Gis forGong

A gong is a flat metal disc, usually hung vertically. Gongs are rung a little like bells, by hitting them with a special hammer. Gongs can range in size from a few inches to several feet wide.
Hong Kong is a city state on the coast of China. In the past it has been its own country, or owned by other countries such as Britain and Japan.

Lis forLong

Something is long if it goes for a considerable way in one direction. Something goes for a long time if it happens for an extended period. The lizard in the picture has a very long tail. The opposite of long is short.
Photo of a garden fork

Pis forProng

A prong is any thin, pointy object, particularly a part of an animal's horns or antlers. The end of some tools, like the garden fork in the picture, are also prongs.
Photo of a quandong

Qis forQuandong

Scientific name: santalum acuminatum
Quandongs are a type of fruit found in Australia, and are also known as the native peach. They are semi-parasitic and will get some nutrients from the roots of nearby trees and plants. Quandongs grow right across Australia, even in the dryest areas. The fruit itself had a big seed and a very thin coating of fruit on the outside. The seeds are textured and can be made into interesting jewelry. Quandongs can be used to make jam and pies.
Photo of men wearing sarongs

Sis forSarong

A sarong is a piece of fabric that is wrapped or tied around your waist. Sarongs are usually brightly colored, and are worn by both men and women in many countries, particularly in south east Asia.
Photo of a boy singing

Sis forSong

A song is a short piece of musical composition. Most songs have words, and you use your voice to sing them.
Photo of a strong man.

Sis forStrong

Someone is strong if they can lift or move very heavy things. An object is strong if it is hard to break. A color or a smell might be very strong if you can really notice it, more than ordinary colors or smells. The man in the picture is very strong.