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Photo of a huge pumpkin

Words about size

Adjectives that describe how big or small something is.

Photo of a big boat and a small boat

Bis forBig

Something is big if it is many times larger than something else. The ship in the picture is much bigger than the little boat at the front of the picture. The opposite of big is small.
Photo of a broad chested man

Bis forBroad

Broad is another word for wide. The man in the picture has a broad chest.
Photo of an enormous horse

Eis forEnormous

Enormous is another word for huge. The boy in the picture thinks the horse is enormous.
Photo of a gigantic rubber duck

Gis forGigantic

Gigantic is another word for huge.

His forHuge

If something is much, much bigger than it should be, it is huge. The picture is of one huge pumpkin among a lot of normal-sized pumpkins.
Photo of a large cat

Lis forLarge

Large is another word for big. The cat in the picture is large.
Photo of different sized fruit

Lis forLittle

Little is another word for small.

Lis forLong

Something is long if it goes for a considerable way in one direction. Something goes for a long time if it happens for an extended period. The lizard in the picture has a very long tail. The opposite of long is short.

Mis forMassive

Something is massive if it is really, really big. The truck in the picture is massive.

Mis forMedium

Medium is a way to describe something that is a size in between small and large.