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Photo of pencils.

List of art supplies

Things you need to draw, paint, or write a letter.

Photo of assorted beads.

Bis forBead

A bead is a small, pretty object with a hole through the middle so that many beads can be threaded together to make a chain. Beads can be made of clay, glass, wood, shells, stone, nuts or in fact anything that looks good and might be nice strung together. Beads are usually strung into necklaces or bracelets.

Cis forCanvas

Canvas is a kind of heavy, plain woven fabric, usually made from cotton or linen. It is used to make sails, tents and other items that need to be made from strong fabric. Artists like to stretch some canvas over a frame and use it to paint on. A piece of canvas prepared like this is also called a canvas, like the one in the picture.
Cartoons on television

Cis forCartoon

A cartoon is a drawing or animation that is usually meant to be funny or entertaining.
Chocolate wrapped in cellophane.
Cellophane is a transparent sheet of plastic that can come in a variety of colors. Some kinds of cellophane are used to wrap food to keep it fresh, other kinds are just decorative.

Cis forChalk

Chalk is a soft, white rock that can be used to draw with on rough surfaces. Chalk is usually sold in small coloured sticks, for drawing on blackboards and sidewalks.

Cis forCharcoal

Charcoal is a soft black substance that is left after something is burnt. You can use charcoal to draw with, like in the picture. Charcoal is messy, and you have to be careful not to get black fingerprints on everything when you are working with it. Charcoal is also used as the name for a color that is very dark grey, almost black.
Photo of some crayons

Cis forCrayon

Crayons are sticks of colored wax that are used for drawing with. Crayons are usually shorter than pencils and can be quite thick. Crayons are usually associated with very young children, and are often given to children as their first tool to draw with.
Crosshatch is a pattern that is formed by creating a series of intersecting lines. The most popular crosshatch pattern is made by crossing veritical and horizontal lines.
Photo of someone drawing a picture.

Dis forDraw

Drawing is a way of putting a picture you have in your head (or something you can see) onto a piece of paper, using your hands and a pen or pencil. Drawing is different to writing, as you are putting down a literal picture of what you are thinking about instead of writing the words to describe it letter-by-letter.

Eis forEasel

An easel is a piece of furniture you use to put paper or a canvas on when you are painting.