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Photo of a horse.

Types of horses

Different breeds and colour types of horse.

An appaloosa is a breed of horse with a distinctive spotty coat. Appaloosas are usually used as a stock horse.

Ais forArabian

Arabian horses are an ancient breed from the desert of the Middle East. They are fairly small horses with a distinctive shape and carriage. Arabians are elegant, gentle and affectionate.
A bay horse is a reddish brown, with a black mane, tail and lower legs. Bay horses may have white markings on their face or feet.
Photo of brumbies

Bis forBrumby

Brumbies are wild, feral horses in Australia. They are descended from escaped or dumped horses. They cause a lot of damage to the native environment. Every so often they are rounded up and captured or culled, and can be trained as show ponies or other domestic uses.

Bis forBuckskin

A buckskin horse is a cream, gold or tan horse with a dark mane, tail and legs. Buckskin horses can be found in virtually all breeds of horse.
Photo of a chestnut horse.
A chestnut horse is a reddish-brown colour, with a mane and tail the same colour or lighter than the rest of the horse.
Photo of clydesdale horses
Clydesdales are draft horses from the Clydesdale region of Scotland. They are large, strong, attractive horses that today are used primarily by beer companies to pull carts full of barrels, or pulling wagons at fairs and parades.
Photo of a colt

Cis forColt

A colt is a young male horse, generally one under four years old. The colt in the picture is one year old.
Photo of a dapple grey horse.
A dapple grey horse has white spots surrounded by dark hair, making an attractive pattern. Young horses that are dapple grey often slowly turn white.
Photo of a filly

Fis forFilly

A filly is a young female horse.