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Photo of water.

Words that rhyme with -orter

List of words that end with a "orter " sound

Photo of a mother and daughter on the beach

Dis forDaughter

Your daughter is your female child. A male child is called a son.
Photo of bricks and mortar

Mis forMortar

Mortar is used to hold things like bricks together when you are building a house or other building. Mortar is made from sand mixed with cement or lime, and sets hard.
Photo of a quartered apple
This apple has been cut into quarters. This means it has been cut into four equal sized pieces.
Photo of a glass of water

Wis forWater

Water is the simplest thing you can drink, and is the best for you. All other drinks are just water with something else added to them. Your body is made up of more than half water, so if you don't drink enough you will dry out and become dehydrated.