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Photo of a cast.

Words that rhyme with -ast

List of words that end with a "ast " sound

Photo of a breakfast meal
Breakfast is the first meal of the day. You can have all sorts of different things for breakfast. Many people have cereal with milk or toast with jam or honey. Some people prefer a cooked breakfast with bacon and eggs. Other people might like waffles or pancakes. And some people like a breakfast with almost everything, like in the picture.

Cis forCast

A cast is a hard shell usually made from plaster-soaked bandages. Casts are used to hold a broken bone in place while it heals.

Cis forContrast

Contrast is a way of describing the differences between two things, for example "contrast the living conditions in Africa and Switzerland". It can be used to talk about any two things that are different. The beetle and leaf in the foreground are in strong contrast against the red background.
Photo of a dog running very fast

Fis forFast

The dog in the picture is running very fast. Other things that move fast are racing cars, planes and some animals. The fastest animal in the world is the cheetah. Another word for fast is quick. The opposite of fast is slow.

Lis forLast

Something is last if it is after all other things. For example, if you are at the end of a line of people you are last in the queue. The picture is of the last bowling pin in a bowling game.
Photo of masts on a ship

Mis forMast

A mast is the tall support seen on sailing ships that holds up their sails. The term mast is also used for poles that support telecommunications equipment, like antennas.
Photo of an overcast sky

Ois forOvercast

The sky is overcast if it is almost entirely covered in clouds. On an overcast day, there is often a high chance of rain.

Vis forVast

Vast is another word for huge, expansive, or broad. Vast is commonly used to describe land.