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Adjectives that start with F

Adjectives about speed

Adjectives to do with speed. Fast and slow.

Photo of a dog running very fast

Fis forFast

The dog in the picture is running very fast. Other things that move fast are racing cars, planes and some animals. The fastest animal in the world is the cheetah. Another word for fast is quick. The opposite of fast is slow.

Qis forQuick

Something happens quickly if it happens in a very short space of time, or after a very short delay. Quick might also be another word for fast. The opposite of quick is slow. The squirrel in the picture is running very quickly.
Rapid river water.

Ris forRapid

Rapid describes very fast movement. The water in a river often moves at a rapid pace.
Photo of a slow-moving snail

Sis forSlow

Snails move very slowly. If you take a very long time to finish doing something, you are slow. The opposite of slow is fast.