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Photo of a heart shape.

Words that rhyme with -art

List of words that end with a "art " sound

Photo of bleeding hearts flowers
Scientific name: lamprocapnos (formerly dicentra) spectabilis
Bleeding hearts, or Dutchman's trousers, is a plant native to Asia. It likes mild to warm climates, a semi-shaded position and moist soil. It has very interesting flowers, and makes a good garden plant.
Photo of a cart

Cis forCart

A cart is a vehicle with wheels that is pulled by horses or other beasts of burden such as oxen. Carts are very similar to wagons.
Photo of a chart

Cis forChart

A chart is a way of visually showing some information. Charts are often used to compare the amounts of two or more things in an easy to understand way.
Photo of a dart

Dis forDart

A dart is a small, relatively heavy projectile with a sharp end. Some types of dart like the one in the picture are thrown by hand, other types of dart are fired by blowing them out of a tube with your mouth.
Photo of a dartboard

Dis forDarts

Darts is a game where you throw metal objects with sharp ends called darts at a target. The parts of the target are numbered, and the idea is to hit the parts of the target with the highest numbers.

His forHeart

A heart shape has come to mean "love". People draw red hearts or give red heart shaped chocolate to people they love.

His forHobart

Hobart is the capital of the island state of Tasmania (TAS) in Australia. It has a population of around 215,000.
Magic Mart.

Mis forMart

Mart is an abbreviation of the word market, which is a store or shop that sells a variety of things such as food, clothing or household items.
Photo of watch parts

Pis forPart

A part is a component or a piece with a specific function that contributes to the way a larger object works, such as a machine or a body. For example, a watch is made up of many parts.

Sis forSmart

Smart is another word for intelligent. A smart person learns quickly and can do or build complex things.