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Photo of gourds

Words that rhyme with -ord

List of words that end with a "ord " sound

Photo of people applauding

Ais forApplaud

Applauding is clapping after something happens to show you like it. People in an audience applaud after a performance like an opera if they think it was very good.
Photo of a girl holding an award

Ais forAward

An award is something you are given if you have done something special, such as an act of bravery, being academically excellent, or winning a competition.
Photo of some baseboards
A baseboard, also called a skirting board, mopboard, floor molding, or base molding is a decorative piece of wood used to hide the join between the wall and the floor.
Photo of a billboard
A billboard is a very, very large outdoor advertisement. Billboards are usually put near busy roads, so that people driving past in cars can see them from a long way away.
Photo of a man writing on a blackboard
A blackboard, or chalkboard, is a surface you can write on in chalk. Blackboards are usually used in classrooms or to write menus in restaurants.

Bis forBoard

A board is a piece of wood that is wide and long but quite thin. Boards are usually used to make floors from, or for cladding on walls.

Bis forBored

You are bored when you have nothing to do, or you don't want to do anything. The man in the picture is bored.
Photo of a broad chested man

Bis forBroad

Broad is another word for wide. The man in the picture has a broad chest.
Photo of a pile of cardboard
Cardboard is very thick paper. Cardboard might be solid all the way through, or it might have a zigzag of thinner cardboard inside it, for strength but keeping it light.
A chopping board is a portable surface, usually made from wood or plastic, that is used when you are cutting up food so that your kitchen table or benches don't get damaged.