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Photo of a turtle.

Words that rhyme with -tle

List of words that end with a "tle " sound

Photo of an axolotl

Ais forAxolotl

Scientific name: ambystoma mexicanum
Axolotls, sometimes called Mexican walking fish, are the larval stage of salamanders, in the same way that tadpoles are the larval stage of frogs. Axolotls are a special case where they don't need to grow to the adult stage to breed. Axolotls come from a lake in Mexico, and they can live for about 15 years. They eat small water creatures that they suck into their mouths.
Photo of a beetle.

Bis forBeetle

Beetles are crawling insects with hard shells. They often live in dead leaves, under tree bark or among the leaves of plants. Some beetles have wings under their outer shell and can fly. A small number of beetles can swim, and live in the water.
Photo of bottles

Bis forBottle

A bottle is a container with a long neck that is used to store liquids like water, soft drinks, wine and even shampoo.

Bis forBrittle

Something is brittle if it is hard but easily broken into sharp pieces. Glass is brittle, and the ceramic that tiles and plates are made from is brittle.

Cis forCattle

Cattle is used to describe bovine animals, like cows.

Cis forCrystal

A crystal is any solid that is made up of tiny parts called molecules, aranged in a regular geometric pattern in all three dimensions. Many rocks are crystalline, and can be very pretty. The crystals in the picture are salt crystals.
Dung beetle
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Dung beetles are insects that feed on dung. There are many different kinds of dung beetle. Some of them roll dung up into balls and roll it away to use it later.
Something is horizontal if it goes at right angles to the direction a ball goes when it is dropped. The horizon is horizontal, as are the tops of tables and desks. The slats in the picture are horizontal.
Photo of a hospital ward

His forHospital

A hospital is a big place where sick and injured people are taken to get better. Babies are also born in hospitals. Doctors and nurses work together to make people better in hospitals.

Kis forKettle

A kettle is a container that is used to boil water in. They are designed to be used over a stove or fire, although the more recent electric kettle simply plugs into a power point. Kettles have a spout to pour from and a handle to hold it, very similar to a jug.