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Photo of a bus.

Words that rhyme with -us

List of words that end with a "us " sound

Photo of a boy using an abacus.

Ais forAbacus

An abacus was used for counting and adding up before calculators. It is made from beads on a frame that you slide backwards and forwards.

Ais forAcanthus

Scientific name: acanthus mollis
Acanthus, or bear's breeches, is an attractive, hardy ornamental perennial plant that grows to around a metre high. It has big, glossy dark green leaves and a tall flower spike. It often dies down during the drier months. It is extremely hardy and will tolerate heavy frost and heavy drought. It has thick roots, and if you try and dig the plant up it will regrow from any broken roots that are left behind. This makes it very easy to grow new plants from root cuttings or by breaking up a clump.
Photo of agapanthus flowers
Scientific name: agapanthus africanus
The agapanthus, or Lily of the Nile, is a plant originally from Africa. It is very hardy, and has bundles of blue or white flowers on the end of stalks. They can withstand both frost and drought, but are much happier in warmer weather with more regular watering.
Anonymous means that someone is unable to be identified, by sight or by name. The people in the picture are wearing masks so they can be anonymous.

Ais forAnxious

Anxious is another word for worried or nervous. When you are anxious you can be afraid of something other people might find normal, like answering the phone. If you're worried or nervous all the time, you may have an anxiety disorder.
Photo of a woman with a water jug

Ais forAquarius

Aquarius is a sign of the Zodiac. It is an air sign. You are an Aquarius if you were born between January 20th and February 18th.
Photo of asparagus spears
Scientific name: asparagus officinalis
The asparagus spears that you buy in the shops are the new shoots of a type of plant. They are eaten as a vegetable, and can be cooked in a variety of ways. They are usually eaten alone as a side dish rather than mixed into something else like a stew.
Photo of a yellow school bus

Bis forBus

A bus is a large vehicle that is driven on roads. Buses are designed for carrying large numbers of people and their luggage.

Cis forCactus

Scientific name: family: cactaceae
Cacti are unusual plants. They grow in extremely hot, dry areas like deserts and they use as little water as possible. Their leaves have become spines and their stems are green like leaves of other plants are. Cacti store water in their thick stems.

Cis forChorus

A chorus, also called a choir, is a group of people singing together.