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Animals starting with G

Animals that start with G

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Photo of two galahs

Gis forGalah

Scientific name: eolophus roseicapilla
Galahs, also called the rose-breasted cockatoo, are an extremely common parrot found in large flocks all over Australia. It has risen to pest proportions in some areas.

Gis forGargoyle

A gargoyle is an ugly, even grotesque, ornamental water spout, usually found on extremely old buildings before gutters and downpipes were used. Gargoyles are ugly so they scare off evil spirits. Ugly statues that are not water spouts are called chimeras.
Photo of Thompson's gazelles

Gis forGazelle

Scientific name: genus: gazella
A gazelle is a type of antelope that lives in the grasslands of Africa. They live in large herds and can run very fast to get away from predators like cheetahs.

Gis forGecko

A gecko is a kind of small lizard. They eat small insects. Geckos grow up to a few inches long, and come in a wide variety of colours. Some geckos have special feet, and can walk up walls or across a glass window.
Photo of a German shepherd
German Shepherds, also called Alsatians, are a large dog originally from Germany. As the name would suggest, they were originally bred for herding sheep and protecting the flock. They are a strong, intelligent, loyal, protective and obedient dog and make excellent police or guard dogs.
Photo of a giant

Gis forGiant

A giant is a very big person or animal that you can read about in storybooks. Some large varieties of animals have giant in their name, like a giant anteater.

Gis forGibbon

Scientific name: family: hylobatidae
Gibbons are a family of apes. They are smaller than great apes like gorillas and look more similar to monkeys.

Gis forGiraffe

Giraffes are the tallest land animals. They can grow up to 5.5 metres tall, and live for around 20-25 years. They have a black tongue that is around 18 inches long that they can use to strip leaves from trees.
Glow-worm is a name given to any insect on the ground that glows, and you can see them at night. Some do look like worms, most are kinds of caterpillar or beetle. Firefly is also a word for the same insects, but glow worm is usually used for glowing insects on the ground, and firefly for glowing insects that fly.
Photo of a gnat

Gis forGnat

Scientific name: suborder: nematocera
Gnats are any of a large variety of small, thin, flying insects that are often seen in large swarms. Their larval stage typically lives in water so they are common in swampy areas, or anywhere there is standing water.