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Words starting with Z

Words that start with Z

Zany zebras zipping around in zigzags at the zoo!

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Photo of a pinball machine

Zis forZing

A zing is a sharp sound, like the sound of something moving past very fast. Zing is also something that adds vitality or excitement to something, as in "add a little zing to your presentation".
Photo of a pink zinnia.

Zis forZinnia

Scientific name: zinnia elegans
A zinnia is a bright, pretty flower originally from Mexico, and are often found in people's gardens. They come in a wide variety of different colors and shapes depending on their type. They like full sun and fertile, well-drained soil.

Zis forZip

A zip is a device that keeps your clothes closed. It is made from two strips of tiny teeth and a slider that meshes the teeth together when you zip it up and unmeshes them when you unzip it. Zips are found on many, many kinds of clothing. Before zippers were so popular, people used buttons to keep clothes closed.

Zis forZither

A zither is a stringed musical instrument that has a lot of strings like a harp but is flat, not vertical. It is found in Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, some parts of Germany and China.
Photo of a zombie

Zis forZombie

A zombie, or living dead, is a dead body that can move around because of some form of magic. Zombies are typically very unfriendly and want to go around killing and eating people, particularly their brains. Zombies are frequently seen in horror movies and computer games.

Zis forZone

A zone is an area that is clearly different from other areas around it. An example might be a dry zone, where people are not allowed to drink alcoholic drinks.
Photo of a monkey in a zoo

Zis forZoo

A zoo, or zoological gardens, is a place where many different kinds of animals are kept in cages so that people can come and look at them. In modern zoos, the cages are very big and very close to the environment the animals originally came from.
Photo of a zookeeper
A zookeeper is someone who looks after zoo animals, by feeding them and keeping their cages clean.

Zis forZucchini

Scientific name: cucurbita pepo
A zucchini is another word for a courgette. It is very closely related to squash and pumpkins.