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Photo of a corgi

Words that rhyme with -ghee

List of words that end with a "ghee " sound

Photo of algae on a rock.

Ais forAlgae

Algae are a large group of very primitive plants. Algae usually grow in the water, and the algae most people are familiar with is the green slime that grows on the inside of fish tanks. Algae can range in size from that familiar green slime right through to what is commonly called seaweed. Most algae grows in the water, but it can also be found on land too. Some algae grow with other organisms. Lichen is algae and fungi growing together. Some corals and sea sponges have algae growing inside them to provide them with oxygen and sugars.

Bis forBaggy

Baggy means loose or roomy. The woman in the picture is wearing baggy clothes.
Photo of a budgerigar

Bis forBudgie

Budgie is a short form of budgerigar.
Photo of a Welsh Corgi dog.

Cis forCorgi

Corgis are a small herding dog originally bred in Wales. The most famous owner of corgi dogs is the Queen of England. Corgis are a funloving dog, and make good family pets.
Photo of the Fijian flag

Fis forFiji

Fiji is an island country north of New Zealand. The capital of Fiji is Suva.
Cans of ghee.

Gis forGhee

Ghee is a kind of clarified butter originally from India. It is made from cow or buffalo milk.
Photo of a shaggy dog

Sis forShaggy

Something is shaggy if it is covered in long, thick, scruffy, untidy hair.
Photo of soggy noodles

Sis forSoggy

Something is soggy if it is far wetter than it should be. If you splash in puddles, your socks will get soggy. The noodles in the picture have been overcooked and are soggy.