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Photo of a bike

Words that rhyme with -ike

List of words that end with a "ike " sound

Ais forAlike

Alike is when some things are all very similar. The two girls in the picture are dressed alike.

Bis forBike

Bike is short for bicycle. More people use the short form bike than the long form bicycle.
Aerial photo of a dike

Dis forDike

A dike is an embankment or a dam made of stone or earth to stop water flow from a watercourse such as a river.

His forHike

A hike is a long walk, usually through fairly remote or wilderness areas. The person in the picture has hiked to the top of a mountain.
Photo of a boy eating icecream

Lis forLike

You like something if you find it enjoyable. Most people like chocolate, they like their pets and they like their friends. The boy in the picture likes icecream. When you really really like someone or something, you can say you love them. Like is also another word for similar or alike.
Photo of a man on a motorbike
A motorbike is a two-wheeled vehicle powered by an engine, the same as a car is. Motorbikes come in a variety of sizes and speeds, but usually only fit one or two people.

Sis forSpike

A spike is a long, thin, pointed object. Some kinds of nail are called spikes. Some types of shoes have spikes on the sole to give them better grip. Many plants and animals grow their own spikes as a type of defense.
Photo of a pink tricycle

Tis forTrike

Trike is a short form of tricycle.