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Photo of a salad

Words that rhyme with -ad

List of words that end with a "ad " sound

Photo of some advertisements.

Ais forAd

Ad is short for advertisement.

Bis forBaghdad

Baghdad is the capital of Iraq. It has a population of around 7.2 million.
Actor Chad Michael Murray.
Chad is a Welsh name for boys. Chad means "battle." The man in the picture is actor Chad Michael Murray.
Photo of a cycad

Cis forCycad

Scientific name: cycas revoluta
A cycad is an ancient family of plants that look similar to a palm tree or a fern but is not actually related to either of them. Cycads grow seeds in large cones. They are extremely hardy plants, and many people keep them in pots in their houses. The cycad's cones are very easy to see in the picture.
Photo of a father and son

Dis forDad

Dad is an informal word for father.

Iis foriPad

An iPad is a tablet computer. The iPad has a touch screen instead of a keyboard.
Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. It has a population of 1.3 million people.
Photo of a lad

Lis forLad

A lad is another word for a boy or a young man.

Ris forRiyadh

Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia. It has a population of around 6.8 million.
Photo of a sad looking lady.

Sis forSad

When you are sad, you are gloomy and don't smile. Sometimes you cry when you are sad. People get sad when someone they like goes away, or if they watch a sad movie or read a sad book. The person in the picture is sad.